Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can benefit from GolfBodyFitness?
Anyone who is in need of physical therapy or interested in becoming healthier through fitness can benefit from GolfBodyFitness. Seniors often need improvement in mobility, flexibility and balance. Juniors often need improvement in coordination and balance. All ages can benefit from improvement of core strength and stability. Each of these elements can be achieved with GolfBodyFitness. 

2. What is the youngest age a person should start exercising for golf?
Jonathan has worked with juniors as young as 12 years old. This is a good age to start an actual fitness regimen, however an active lifestyle is recommended for all children younger than 12 years old. 

3. What is the oldest age a person can benefit from exercising for golf?
As long as a person has no health precautions or restrictions to exercise there is no age at which exercise is not beneficial both for one's golf game or to overall health. We strongly recommend that you consult your Primary Care Physician before starting any exercise program. 

4. What makes GolfBodyFitness personal training unique?
Every clients training regimen is developed from a comprehensive total body assessment. This allows for a personalized exercise routine to be implemented at every session. Based on the findings of this assessment specific goals will be set and each session will provide exercises to progress towards those goals. To make this package even better, all of these exceptional services are offered at the convenience of your home, work, or local contracted gym to provide optimal ease of fitness and health improvement.

5. What qualifies Jonathan Seymour to be a golf specific physical therapist and personal trainer?
Jonathan obtained a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science at Appalachian State University. He then went on to obtain a Doctorate in Physical Therapy at The University of South Carolina. He has obtained special training and is certified through the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI). Jonathan is a certified personal trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). Jonathan has also worked towards a certification in Spinal Manipulation to provide even better care as a physical therapist. He blends exercise, injury prevention, personalized body evaluation and a unique progression of exercises to provide each client with a comprehensive therapy and/or fitness experience. 

6. What is the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI)?
TPI is an organization made up of medical and golf experts who have collaborated to develop the best golf specific evaluation and the world's most comprehensive library of golf interventions and exercises. Those certified through TPI have undergone many hours of training to gain knowledge of golf specific techniques to help you improve your golf game.

7. What areas of my golf game can improve by working with GolfBodyFitness?
In essence, better fitness will improve all areas of your golf game. However, a few specific examples include improved ball striking, increased driving distance, improved physical endurance, all of which can lead to lower scores.

8. What is the process for working with GolfBodyFitness?
The answer to this question varies depending on what aspects of GolfBodyFitness you wish to utilize. As for golf clients seeking help with injury, injury prevention and/or fitness, the first step is a Total Body Evaluation. This evaluation is followed by weekly appointments in conjunction with exercises that the client implements at home; all of which focus on deficits or limitations in fitness, flexibility, or strength. 
Those seeking rehabilitation services only will receive a complete physical therapy evaluation and diagnosis, followed by a personalized therapy regimen to reach specific goals set by Jonathan and the individual. Physical therapy clients usually meet two to three times per week depending on the client's desires and goals. 

9. Where can I meet for a Total Body Evaluation and fitness or therapy sessions?
One of the unique services of GolfBodyFitness is that Jonathan can come to you. The evaluation and sessions can be completed at your home, office, or a local contracted gym (see current locations on the services page).

10. Does GolfBodyFitness only work with golfers?
GolfBodyFitness does not work exclusively with golfers. Jonathan is enthusiastic to work with clients who are seeking physical therapy in the convenience of their home as well as those seeking improved fitness with a personal trainer. 

11. Does GolfBodyFitness accept health insurance for physical therapy and personal training?
Unfortunately GolfBodyFitness is unable to accept health insurance. We do, however, offer excellent and competitive rates with the added convenience of executing the services in your home or another location of your choice.

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