Go Into All the World


Through strategic partnerships, Rez Missions exists to serve others and meet real needs at home and abroad.

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Los Angeles:

Mission: In cooperation with the Dream Center of Los Angeles, Rez Missions will have the opportunity to serve the needs of the homeless, the forgotten, the addicted and the forsaken through a variety of outreach initiatives.  


Mission: Through a partnership with Back2Back Ministries, Rez Missions will be serving orphans in Haiti. The goal is for each child to experience restoration to a life of purpose in which they can become fulfilled and mature Christian adults. We desire each child to be dependent on Jesus Christ, interdependent in his or her community and independent and sustainable in adulthood.


Mission: Our medical team will provide much needed medical care to children and adults alike. We also have the opportunity to serve at an underprivileged school through tutoring, mentoring, and construction projects that will improve the quality of educational experience. 


Mission: Through local agencies and schools such as Greer Community Ministries, Greer Soup Kitchen, and Crestview Elementary to provide food, clothes, and shelter for those in need in our community.