GolfBodyFitness offers established and proven methods for improving health and golf performance.

We construct a progression of exercises to increase mobility, stability, coordination, strength and power to achieve a level of optimal health and physical fitness.



Starts with a Golf Body Assessment utilizing this objective information to develop a personalized program implemented through a variety of training styles. The Golf Body Assessment is effective in determining areas of weakness, stiffness, imbalance, and areas at risk of injury.



Our Physical Therapy program is geared toward those recovering from injuries or experiencing pain resulting from muscle, bone, skeletal, or tendon injuries. We examine each individual and develop a personalized rehabilitation plan, using treatment techniques to promote healthy movement, reduce pain, restore proper function, and prevent disability. 

- 30 minute or 1 hour sessions



Would you like to gain an edge in your athletic performance, increase strength and stamina, be active with your grandkids or feel younger and more agile? Functional Training is intended to help you live better.

- 30 minute or 1 hour sessions



We can also meet at:

  • Your Home

  • Your Office

  • Your Gym


Jonathan Seymour, DPT

Health and fitness professional behind Golf Body Fitness. He is also the Wellness Director for Carolina Country Club. Read more about Jonathan here.

  • Doctorate in Physical Therapy
  • Bachelors of Exercise Science
  • Spinal Manipulation Therapist (Cert. SMT)
  • Dry Needling Therapist (Cert. DN)
  • TPI Certified Fitness and Medical Professional
  • ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
  • Experience working with all levels of golfers since 2008
  • Experience working with injured golfers to help return to playing pain free
  • Worked at BMW pro-am ( tour event)

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