I have worked with several golf specific trainers in my career, and Jonathan understands the needs of the golf swing better than anyone. He challenges my entire body with every workout, and his training regimen allows me to stay at peak performance throughout my entire golf season.
— Brad Thorne (2016 Carolina Mountain Tour money list leader)

Initially, I began physical therapy with Jonathan due to a shoulder issue. Following a successful rehab, I moved on to more functional, golf specific strength training and conditioning. Working with Jonathan has better prepared me to execute the shots my golf professional has taught me. With improved functional strength, balance and muscle memory, I have increased distance and control to my golf game. I have more confidence and lower scores!
I am middle aged and haven’t worked out in years. Since having Jonathan work with me twice a week for stretching, core strengthening, and overall strength training, I sleep better and my chronic back problems are manageable. The workouts have helped in my job when it requires heavy lifting and installing window treatments. I plan on continuing with my program for long-term better health, and recommend you do the same.
Jonathan Seymour’s level of professional medical expertise has given me a valuable level of reassurance that began with our first workout session in March. Each session is designed with my specific area of pain and weakness in mind. I can now walk up stairs without holding onto the railing due to improved balance and strength. Also my sleep is much more peaceful with no back and hip pain.
Working with Jonathan has been an amazing experience for me. I have done various golf specific workout routines before but nothing like this. The workouts work the whole body, not just the golf muscles which is something I really like. I have noticed increased distance with my woods and irons and also an increase in control because of building the correct muscles needed for the golf swing. The workouts are fun and challenging and something I would definitely recommend!
— KENNAN HUSKEY (age 17)
With Jonathan as my personal trainer, my flexibility, my strength, and overall physical well-being has improved tremendously.
— KAJSA NYBLOM (age 72)
Jonathan is a terrific trainer!!! I’ve worked with him since March. My chronic back pain no longer exists, and I am much stronger and more flexible than I was a few months ago. I am so thankful for his thorough knowledge and expertise. Another significant benefit to these workouts has been an improvement in my tennis game. Because my legs are much stronger than before, I move more quickly and reach balls that were unreachable in the spring. I’ve also noticed that my serve is stronger and I believe the exercises that Jonathan tailors to improving my serves made that possible.
Jonathan helped me tremendously with my basic fitness and with specific areas of pain that I had been dealing with for a long time. By improving my strength and flexibility I was able to make better golf swings with less discomfort. He knows the body mechanics needed for a good swing...very helpful. I highly recommend him.
As a passionate golfer in my mid-50’s, losing flexibility became an issue for playing golf at the level I’m accustomed to. I engaged the help of Jonathan to work with me on increasing flexibility and core strength. He has a wealth of knowledge in golf exercise and how to alleviate physical limitations related to the golf swing. He made every session unique and challenging, and the results have me playing the best golf of my life.
I can only begin to describe how much Jonathan has meant to me and my career as a Touring Professional. After working with Chiropractors, PTs, Massage Therapists, Pilates Instructors, Orthopaedics and Strength Coaches for years to address some mid/upper back issues I can honestly say that Jonathan is the best I have ever worked with. Jonathan is one of a kind to due his expertise in Physical Therapy, TPI, and spinal manipulation techniques. I came to Jonathan this past winter out of top golf shape and fighting back pain. Jonathan worked with my schedule and set up an very affordable program for me that incorporated TPI elements, Yoga, Strength Training, Flexibility, and Manual Therapy. After a little over a month together, I qualified for the Web.com Tour’s South Georgia Classic and tied for 8th in only my 3rd ever start on the Tour. I have been able to play a full season on the eGolf Tour this year without any back flare-ups.
Over the past 20 years, I have worked with a lot of physical therapists and personal trainers that specialize in helping golfers and Jonathan is hands down, the best. I can guarantee if you work with him and do what he says, your game will improve.